Dollfie Dream Arle V2

New Dollfie Dream re-release

During last weekends “Puyo Quest Official Live Stream” was a special announcement! The popular Mini Dollfie Dream Arle will be re-release as a V2 Version.

She will be release during the Doll Party 42 on 14th December (saturday). She was chosen due to many votes in the “Dollfie 20th Anniversary Best Selection”.

V2 with new features

Mini Dollfie Dream Arle V2 will come with the new DD-f³ Body System. So she will pose even better than before. And estimated including cute iconic blue outfit!

In addition to that she will come with three Puyo Puyo plushies (red, purple and green in the picture). I guess the yellow fellow is also included but we don’t know for sure now. Also unknown if she is only available in a lottery or not. (My first guess would be yes though :( )

The pictures states 62.000 Yen which is approximately 571$ excluding shipping and custom.

More Information will be known in the Volks News Vol.86. – I will keep you updated! :)
Volks Official Tweet

Are you happy that MDD Arle will be re-released?
Pretty sure there are different sides to that. Especially because some people might have gotter her second-hand for a more expensive price. Write me what you think about it!

Dollfie Dream Sister Ranko Kanzaki

Ranko Kanzaki from Idolmaster Cinderella Girls is also getting a Re-release. More information are also not know and will be updated in the new Volks News.

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