Shin Sato

Unboxing & review

Shin Sato makes her debut in my doll collection. Another Character from the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls joins in. Please meet this new and super adoreable Idol and see how I struggle with her wig and decorations. And how I fixed them!

The doll

She released in 2023. and back then I did not get her. A big regret, since her outfit is such a gorgeous one. But that is not all. I did not see her potentional back then on the promo pictures.

Like often when you see user pics you see what you have missed out. Glad I was able to get her in the end, after all.

Face-up & Head

Her Face-up is simple and super adorable. What I most love about her head is her very precious smile! Just can’t get anough of it.

This is also the first time I saw Volks blushing the chin of a doll. It is very slightly but definetly there!

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A big highlight – If you are a regular on my blog you know I always drool over the quality of the outfits. And it is no difference with Shin Sato’s.

I love how they added all the details. The hearts on the skirt are small plastic buttons which add some weight to the dress and since she does not have an underskirt it can fall flatter than others in comparision. But as you can see on the pictures this is no real issue.


Her wig was a big struggle to put on. It is super tight – which is great for staying in place. But oh my! It took me quite a while to put it on.

And i was scared I would rip something off! (Like the ponytails). Other than that is is avery cute! And they added cute details like the strands!

The small Decorations were a hassle. Thats what I expected. I was not able to keep them in place without eye putty though.

All in all

Even though som emight find her face / head more “generic” I really love it and she makes a great addition in my collection!

With the next releases I will be way more aware and try to see their potentional early on. In hopes to spare me from higher prices and frustation.

She is a super colorful and lovely Doll release!

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