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Is it even possible? After all, we want to unwind and enjoy our leisure time with our hobbies. Nevertheless, there are many aspects of the hobby that can often stress me out. And I believe I’m not alone; many of us feel the same way.

My goal with this post is to help you with different fears, doubts, and stress. The hobby itself and the wonderful people in it are so enriching; it would be a shame to let that joy be taken away from you, whether in the short or long term.

Limited Edition Dolls

Who doesn’t know this feeling? A new release is announced, and it’s love at first sight! However, it quickly becomes apparent that this doll will only be available in limited quantities. It’s almost comical how relieved one can feel when realizing they don’t “need” a release. If you can’t get the desired doll, the alternative is often unaffordable as scalpers resell them at inflated prices.

This can be very stressful, of course. It’s great that new dolls are constantly being developed and produced, but it can also be frustrating if you can’t get or afford every doll. It’s easier said than done not to let this stress you out too much, but there are already so many things in life that do. Be happy when you can snag a doll, but don’t define your happiness by it. It’s entirely normal for desires to change over time.

Tip: In the long run, it sometimes happens that the dream doll you wanted becomes available again at a more suitable price. Especially from other doll enthusiasts. So, it’s worth keeping an eye out. In the end, I managed to acquire some grail dolls after all. You’ll be surprised how many opportunities sometimes arise.

You should keep an eye on your finances and remain realistic. After all, other hobbies, leisure activities, vacations, and life shouldn’t suffer because of it. And if you don’t get a doll, you can often admire it at friends’ places.

Here is another posting with some more help for this topic.

Should be relaxing and happy place. But is there a dark site?

Doll Collection

A comment I often hear is: “You have a lot of dolls” or “I want to have such a collection too.” However, many often forget that I have been in the hobby for several years. Over time, of course, some dolls and projects accumulate. Take your time and enjoy building your own collection. More is not always better.

You can derive just as much joy from a small collection as long as you have fun with your dolls. That’s the most important thing. Never measure yourself by how many dolls you have or how rare they are.

Tip: Take it slow, especially if you’re new to the hobby! Choose your dolls consciously based on how they fit with your characters or ideas. Over time, you can also build yourself a great collection.


We never have enough clothes for our dolls! The selection of outfits for my dolls is larger than that in my own wardrobe.

But there’s always something else you must have. Like with your doll collection, make sure that the value of your dolls, pictures, or your own person is not measured by how full the closets are or how expensive the outfits are. None of that defines you or your work. Your collection also grows over time here.

Tip: Remember that you can combine existing outfits with each other. This creates new looks in no time. You can also repurpose items – for example, a pencil skirt can also be used as a top. Or a veil/scarf can be draped on your doll’s back using clothespins to make it look like a dress/skirt. There are many tricks, especially in photography, where you don’t see the doll exactly as you drape and photograph it. Clothespins and other items can be cleverly hidden.

Making your own outfits is also possible but requires time, patience, and a lot of practice. Fabrics also cost a lot of money.


Be authentic!


Trends in social media are very fleeting. It’s hard to keep up. But the good news is: You don’t have to! It can be fun to participate in actions or trends, but always remember: It’s not a must! Sometimes you just don’t have time in life. And that’s completely okay. It’s not about staying relevant but about having fun.

Personally, I find authentic accounts much better, a goal I strive for myself.

Tip: You don’t have to follow every trend. Be yourself and do what you like. It’s so much easier to be authentic and do what you enjoy. That way, other like-minded people naturally come to you and enjoy your dolls & content.

The doll hobby can be stressful enough – At least be yourself!

Social Media

Social media can be terribly stressful. Posting, commenting, sharing, planning, and more. Quickly, you’re trapped in a hamster wheel. It’s important to set realistic goals and enjoy everything in moderation. Otherwise, you can quickly lose the joy.

Since the topic is so extensive, you can find more information in my social media post about Instagram & Co.


Photography is an area in the hobby that most doll collectors enjoy. As often, we’d like to jump right in here or “be as good as others.” This can quickly lead to negative feelings and a depressing mood.

I know this all too well from myself; you quickly compare yourself to others. But here, too, remember: The people you compare yourself to are often much longer in the hobby and thus have more experience. Often, the “experienced photographers” are not so different from you. Just because someone has been doing something for longer doesn’t mean they don’t have difficulties or struggles with certain things. Everyone goes their own way, and that’s important too. After all, you want to “find your style” and make individual pictures that you like! It’s important to listen to your heart and stay authentic.

Tip: Practice makes perfect. Just practice a lot and experiment. It’s completely normal for something not to work out right away. Don’t be discouraged by mistakes. Take note of them and try to do better next time.

I myself can say that I’m not perfect either and want to get much better. Many things go wrong for me too or simply don’t turn out as expected.

Do you want tips on photography? Feel free to check out this blog post.

Social media can play a big part of negative but also positive side.

Comparison in General

We’ve already covered several points where we’ve addressed the topic. And I can only speak from experience – comparing is completely pointless. In most cases, you just doubt yourself.

Whether it’s sewing, face-ups, photography, or other skills, don’t compare yourself to others. Stay true to yourself and go your own way, even if it sometimes takes a while. Many areas in the hobby simply need time and practice.

You can’t sugarcoat or get the “Super-Hack” for them. As so often, you have to deal with the various areas. Don’t get me wrong, tutorials and videos can help you a lot, especially in the learning process or with various steps. However, I’m convinced that ultimately, you also have to actively do something and try it out.

Sometimes I feel like others see each other more as competition. “Who has more dolls” or “is better”. But at the end of the day, we all want to enjoy ourselves in the doll hobby.

Tip: Go your own way and celebrate small progress and successes. See the success stories of others as motivation and let yourself be carried away by them. You can do all of this too!

You’re not obligated to anyone.

Feeling Pressured & Perfectionism

I often feel compelled to show something “new” again and again. Whether it’s dolls, pictures, outfits, face-ups, or something else. Personally, I always struggle with this.

But it’s also completely okay to do something just for the fun of it and not to present anything or show something that “isn’t perfect”.

You hardly give yourself any rest and are often always looking for what to do next. The whole thing starts to feel like a second job. Even though I only earn money with my pictures.

And here should be a point where you should stop and think exactly what you want to achieve with your content.

Tip: You’re not obligated to anyone. Do you have a favorite doll that you want to show the most? Then do it! No false shame that you’re “annoying” or anything like that. A photo shoot didn’t turn out as expected?

No problem – there’s certainly one or two pictures that you can still use. It’s still often difficult for me to wave off my perfectionism. But I can say that it can be so liberating to “just do it”. Especially when it comes to photography.


It can be hard to enjoy every part of it. Let's talk about the darker sides.

I hope the post about stress in the doll hobby could bring some important points to your attention.

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