Smart Doll Chitose Multiverse

Unboxing & review

Now we are talking about unboxing Chitose Multiverse. :) That’s right, it’s not that long ago that I got my Smart Doll Athena!

Since then I stalked the Smart Doll store on a regular basis. When creative ideas hit me and I developed her Character and name it was all set. I needed to get my hands on my very own Chitose Multiverse!

knew when I saw her that I really wanted to add her in my doll family. And as I am thinking through them and also selling some dolls and stuff, the time was right.

(Even though I am hunting a Dollfie Dream 2b down for a while now).

About the doll

Chitose is a 1/3 sized vinyl doll. This doll model is an additional version of the already existing character of Danny Choo’s Chitose. And got only recently released with a vinyl body. She has a cinnamon skin tone. Even though I knew she would be released in other skin tones aswell, I kew the cinnamon one would be the perfect option for me.

Her sweet expression makes me melt away! As all Smart Doll she came with her standard doll stand (oh I love it!). I also ordered some additional hands. Also as the outdoor stand and multi angle adapter for the stands. I mean this says for itself how I prefer to use their tools.

Scope of delivery

  • Doll with default hands
  • Underwear
  • Wig
  • Eyes
  • Stand
  • Certificate
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Artemis – my character

I decided to create her as my own character. Such as with my Smart Doll Athena she might get some new eyes or wig in the future.

She goes extremely well with Kronos! And I am already looking forward to take some pictures of them together! And share some more information about them and their story on a different blog entry. Which I hope you will also look forward to!

I already have some very suiting outfits for her and her character. A sneek peak of it can be found in my story telling and photography guide. :)

Hop you liked the unboxing Smart Doll Chitose Multiverse.

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