Dollfie Dream VS Smart Doll

Doll comparision

Todays I want to talk about my experiences, impressions and thoughts. So Dollfie Dream vs Smart Doll! You cannot decide or want to know their differences – then you are at the right place! :)

First off I want to mention that I won’t take sides and keeping it neutral as much as I can. But obviously it is also a matter of taste and preferences maybe you won’t agree with me. Or like things I don’t.

I also won’t include the Volks USA Store, they do offer some special dolls and colors, but only in USA. So that’s something I don’t have any experience with.
So please keep this in mind. Now let’s get started! :)


Some more details about the choices

Smart Doll

Smart Doll has a bigger assortment when it comes to choosing skin tones and standard models. As they doo have more molds ready for sale. Even male dolls are up for sale now and then.

They do have however all the same size and standard body type (busts can be bought seperately).

  • Choose from out of 40+ different Sets of dolls
  • Different skin tones available for Standard models
  • 1 Size but also occasionally different Standard Male models for sale
  • 4 different Skin tones

Nevertheless, I used a body suit for protection. Just to be on the safe side.

Dollfie Dream

Volks to have a bigger range of doll sizes and also different sets (bust sizes). They once had white skin but it is not available at the time and the tan option for a full doll is only available in a japanese store.

So online you can just get two different skin tones for standard doll sets. (This might vary in the US) They do not have male standard models or parts.

  • 5 sizes in general
  • 3 Skintones (Tan Doll only available in japan Store)
  • Choose from out of 12 different Sets of dolls
  • Standard Set Models
    • only available in Normal skin (10) and in Semi-white (2)
    • 5 Different Sizes and options

Limited dolls

Both companies have limited dolls available from time to time. Also special and popular characters out of anime series, games and more.

If you are out on a hunt for a very special and extremely rare doll, I recommend taking a look at Smart Dolls Garage sale. There you can find super limited prototypes which did not make it into final productions.

The cost of these doll can vary a lot, depending on the character and items.


The differences

A big feature of Smart Dolls is the doll stand. Which comes with every doll and can support your dolls quite a lot. I really like it and used it for nearly all my pictures with them. It is so easy to hide it – which mean less editing time than with bigger stands. However, you can also see this as a tiny downside, as the connection to your doll is visible on the back (when not covered). Making it less natural than the Dollfie Dream body.

Still, in my opinion, I think this is such a cool feature and would not want to miss it! Beware in the following comparisons and pictures I did not use any stands on any dolls or anything else to support.

Smart Doll

  • Pretty separation of the bust part
  • Thinner legs and arms
  • Doll stand

Dollfie Dream

  • Many details on the body (muscles and shapes)
  • Thinner waist


In direct comparision

Models Used
Artemis (Smart Doll Chitose Multiverse – cinnamon skin> Lilac hair)
Seiko (Dollfie Dream DDH07 with DDf³ body – normal skin> Red hair)

I think it is very interesting to see them both next to each other, as they do have more (even when subtle) differences than I thought.

Dollfie Dream have a more detailed body and defined shapes on the legs or such as muscles on their belly.

I immediately noticed when I got my Smart Doll that they are more “stiff” to pose on their arms and legs than all the Dollfie Dream I have. (This made me very cautious, because I was afraid I could break something.) This comes with a positive side effect.

As they can hold poses better this way. And are also “stronger” when holding an item in their hands. Dollfie Dream are more smoothly and easy to pose natural. But I think you get used to the “stiffness” of Smart Dolls fast and can create as natural poses as with DDs.

Swapping hands and body parts
I love how easy you can swap the hands of Smart Dolls – It is awesome. More than once I had trouble getting a hand off of my Dollfie Dream (without using different hand frame parts for different hands).

That’s also the same with swapping bust parts. It is extremely easy with a Smart Doll. Might be a positive side effect as they stayed true to one body type. And making all the spare parts well compatible with the dolls.

Smart Doll

  • Stiffer but also stronger
  • Super easy to swap hands and other body parts (head, bust)

Dollfie Dream

  • Smooth and easy to pose

Upper body


Both can bend their arms greatly. But also sideways the Smart Doll is more flexible due to it's construction.

The Smart Doll definitely has a bigger movability in the neck and upper torso areas. Their neck is very flexible and due to the fact they have this smaller separation of the bust part they can move their upper parts better.

Also as their inner frame has this “swan neck” kind of design it is way more flexible.

The Dollfie Dream is a bit more limited there because of that big overlapping part of the bust. But I think they have a more natural look when sitting straight up. (But that’s because of the legs, we come to that soon).

As the Smart Doll needs to bend the upper part more forward to let her sit a bit more relaxed.

Smart Doll

  • Better posable neck
  • More flexible at bust area

Dollfie Dream

  • Higher arm angle (very specific)
  • Natural upper body when sitting straight



The Dollfie Dream has a better mobility with the legs. They can angle them more to their body and inwards. They look more natural while in “extreme” poses. However, you have to be careful as It can happen that the legs will fall off.

Sounds scarier than it is, usually you can re-attach them without problems. (It happened twice while doing the pictures, no damages)

I think it can be somewhat of an issue when your doll has some jeans or a more several layers of clothing on. As it won’t be that easy to click the legs back in together with clothing in the way.

The Smart Doll might be more limited but is more secure and sturdy around this areas which can also be seen as a plus point.

Smart Doll

  • More secure around the areas

Dollfie Dream

  • Better posing with legs
  • Higher range of poses
  • Legs can be closer to the body

All in all

Prices & more

All in all, I think they are both well-made and fun to pose. There were some differences between these two posing and in the appearance but nothing I would say is a “no-go” or would stop me to buy an additional doll from these two companies.

They have some things in common and might seem very much the same on a first quick view. But when compared a bit more in depth you can find the little details and differences.

Smart Doll

Smart Doll have the option where you can choose between a Cortex and Vinyl Body. The Cortex Body is cheaper than the vinyl version. They do also sell Cortex DIY-Kits, which have an even lower price, where you have to assemble the doll yourself (recommended for model-kit pro’s). The Cortex Body is not available right now.

These option are not available for all dolls and models.

Dollfie Dream

Over Time Volks did release different models and sizes. Also as newer and improved body systems which you can buy. The latest one is the DDf³.

You have the option to “build your own” doll, as you can buy bodys and heads separately. (You need to paint the heads with a Face-up however)

n the end it is up to you, your budget and liking for sure too. You might want a specific skin color or size for your character, so thats where you can search the right doll, mold and company for yourself.

Also a matter of taste are the limited dolls on sale – wether you want it of not.

Hope I was able to help you out with this Dollfie Dream VS Smart Doll comparision.

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