Where to buy Dollfie Dream wigs

New hair for your doll

In connection with my last post for Dollfie Dream clothing I want to introduce you where to buy Dollfie Dream wigs. The cool thing is that most of the Dollfie Dream dolls share the same wig size: 8-9”. So they can be shared. In rare cases I even buy 9-10” wigs for my Dollfie Dream. Even though they are a bit loose they will fit. Especially if you are using a “wig cap”. But please keep an eye on the head size of your doll to make sure the wig will fit.

Attention: Keep in mind that some wigs might stain your doll! Especially dark fabric tents to stain. So you might invest in a “wig cap” to try to prevent the annoying side effect.

Again I try to only note down shops where I have bough something in the past! One or the other shop might pop up here again

My last Post for clothing often has a great shop system and a big assortment, often with wigs aswell! Make sure you check the size and the shops when getting some items for your doll. Do you know a cool shop or can recommend me one? Please write me a comment below! I’m always happy to to find some new great shops or companies!

Doll companies & Shops


Leeke World


Tata’s-Paradise *


* Thats where I usually buy my things more often.

Second-Hand & Selfmade



Doll Moon Store

We also offer many wigs for your Dollfie Dream and other 8-9″ dolls! Take a loot around.

Premium 8-9" doll wigs from Doll Moon

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