Dollfie Dream Asuna Titania

Unboxing & review

Introducing my unboxing Dollfie Dream Asuna. There is much going on lately, and I had a difficult time to catch up with everything. Please apologize! Even in my free time I often decided to spend my time rather relaxing and with video games, than being productive. Hopefully this will chance too once things will calm down at work.

Dollfie Dream Asuna

I like the “simple” design of her outfit. But when you actually put it on her you recognize how many details and ideas went into her clothing! There are several wires in her wings and also on the skirt so that you can bend them around freely.

Her ears are made out of a harder plastic and they can be put on her human ears. You can even decide if you want to keep the grey “ear armor” or not. She has this super adorable smile and Face-up, which I really like.

The Dollfie Dream Asuna Titania doll was released in 2017 as a collaboration doll by Volks and the SAO Team (REKI KAWAHARA/PUBLISHED BY KADOKAWA CORPORATION ASCII MEDIA WORKS/SAO MOVIE Project).

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My thoughts

First off I really adore this release and I think Volks did a nice job realizing this character as a doll. But there was one thing which really quite bothered me: and that is her wig. It has a great quality but I think the color is way off her character. Something you can adjust in pictures – but I was surprised that is actually a middle / darker brown wig. As she is always captured with a more orange and lighter kind of tone.

So maybe I am lucky enough to get a more suiting wig in the future? Who knows, but I will definitely get a blue wig and eyes for her aswell. My Dollfie Dream Asuna will also keep her character.

I’m very happy with the Titania Version I like her face and Face-up more than the first edition. Even though I really love her outfit from the “normal” Version, but sadly it is nearly impossible to get it for a good and “reasonable” price. I don’t know what the future holds haha, but I would be quite happy if I could get at least the outfit!

About Asuna Yuuki

She resembles the Titania Version of the second season of Sword Art Online. This is a popular Anime Series about online VR Games with many cool characters and interesting stories. Season one for example is about a main Character called “Kirito” (in game). Who is trapped in an online VR game. It is a game about life and death, as If your life points in game will drop to zero you will also die in the real world. A very interesting idea and a great story – if you haven’t watched it you should give it a try! Asuna is one of the other main characters of the series.

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