Why are Dollfie Dream dolls expensive?

Some more information about these dolls

I honestly think there are some people around wondering why Dollfie Dream dolls are expensive? Well I don’t work within Volks or know much about their inner structure. I want to share some thoughts on this topic although!

Limited dolls

Getting right to the point. The “big issue” in my point of view is that most people who “complain” about how expensive Dollfie Dream are, are mostly talking about the limited full-set dolls from Volks. Which you can only get through doll lotteries and who are limited processed. Especially older releases will be even more expensive, as you are not able to get them through Volks anymore. They can be found in many different second-hand platforms for an even higher price than the original one before. If it is “cool” from people to get limited dolls only with the purpose to sell them afterwards for a high price is another story. But the fact is due to this limitation people are more likely to pay a higher price. Especially doll collectors, if they really want a specific doll.

What about the “regular” dolls and parts

While sharing most of the points like the limited dolls, the standard models could also be seen as expensive for some people. So here are some other further details.

But let’s be real: The regular Dollfie Dream from Volks are way more affordable as the limited dolls. They are usually in stock, can be shipped right away and don’t have to be processed in a long-time production like BJD (but this is just what I imagine due to the different materials of the dolls). But there were also hours of work which went into them and a big company and work all around them.

Can you still get a limited Dollfie Dream doll?

Some things you should consider

Here are some major points regarding these limited editions. Which have to be considered as an example for all the collaboration Dollfie Dream.

  • Their amount of the edition – limited dolls
  • They are not produced anymore – secon hand dolls on other platforms (not on Volks)
  • The demand – logically the demand is a big point. If re-seller of old Dollfie Dream know how popular this “sold out” doll is. Makes them willing to sell it a multiple times higher than the original price
  • The work and collaboration with another company
  • Designs – clothing, face-up, molds, accessoires, eyes etc.
  • Production – sewing the outfits, painting the doll etc.
  • The work behind this release – storage, shipping, …

Behind the company

As stated above there are many other things to be considered rather than “just a doll”. Things like shipping: all the packages, space: working areas or shops who will need to be paid for,  the employees: graphic designer, concept artist etc. … you get the point, right?


Wether the design of the doll, the head, body, clothing or anything else like the design of the package and all the other designs has to be considered. The doll is not “only the material itself” rather than a whole design concept. Many hours of work are going into the look, the clothing or eyes etc. of a Dollfie Dream. No matter if it is a full-set character or “only a new head”. There were people behind this work and design.

Target group

Well you could say now: “Barbies are not that expensive and made out of similar materials. Which also have a big company behind them.” And yes this is technically the truth. But besides important points like the height, or Barbies ( or any other similar dolls) are mass produced.  The “technology” behind the dolls, their movability and also the customizabilty and so on, lies the target group. While “cheaper” doll tend to have a younger audience, so that they are easily replaced when broken or affordable for families. Volks target group surely is a more mature like doll collector base. Which won’t “play” with their dolls rather than collecting, appreciating, photographing them and so on. I think it is another important point to keep this in mind.

Picture Copyrigth by VOLKS INC.

All in all

I hope I did not miss any major point and that I was able to explain all the facts which come together for creating a Dollfie Dream. In the end it is a matter of opinion if you want to pay the price of the dolls.

It is in fact an expensive hobby, but people are willing to pay these prices for their desired doll. Including also the fact that they want to support the original designs and work all the doll companies have put into their releases.

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