My year 2020

A review of the year & thank you

2020 was crazy – many ups and downs. Many events that affected us all. Today it’s about my own little “Doll Moon Review”, completely apart from all the action.

Thank you

Before we start, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone.  None of this would have been possible without you.  This year I received so much support, love and creativity.

  • I would like to especially thank my love Leo. Your understanding, love and support have always given me stability, even when I was somehow disappointed in myself or something didn’t work out like I wished for.  You have always supported me in all ups and downs: I am very grateful to have met and live with you.
  • Of course I thank my family from the bottom of my heart for their support and love, even if we don’t always see each other, it’s good to have you by my side. Without you I would never have become who I am.
  • A grateful thank you from the bottom of my heart also goes to all friends online and offline! The whole motivation got me through the year very well. I enjoy every second and appreciate the time you spend with me.
  • My loyal and all new customers! Thank you for your trust, feedback and pictures.  I very much hope that I could bring even more joy into your life with my dolls. Without you and your support this definitely would not have been possible.

Doll Moon 2020

So much has happened to me, I did so many things that I would not have dreamed of over a year ago.  At the end of 2019 I gave my best and I grew with Doll Moon – with every small step. From the first custom sold to various “Follow me” eye sets.

Small milestones & success stories:

  • Custom No.34 was painted
  • Over 10 different eye sets
  • The Etsy store & shipping was set up
  • I tried IG again and got over 1200+ dear followers
  • Dusted off my YouTube channel and slowly ventured into video content
  • Re-design of the Doll Moon page

It wasn’t always easy to stay motivated or to move on after failure.  But with all the support, I can look back on an exhausting but great and exciting year.

My good intentions

I want to do my best in 2021 and continue to grow

  • Expansion of the range at Doll Moon
  • Further improvement of my face-up & modding skills
  • A little more self-love and understanding if something does not work out quite well first try
  • A new home for my friend & me – a new matching Doll room
  • Not so much for me get annoyed / disappointed by the IG algorithm when pictures just “go under”
  • Finally create my “Doll Profile & Backstories”
  • Start the “Make a wish” project

I will also do my best in the future to be able to share great (and new J) articles, pictures and creativity with you. Let us face the year 2021 positively and with full strength.

What are your plans for the next year?

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