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A Dollfie Dream dictionary

There are some terms or words in the hobby which might be confusing, especially for beginners. I want to share some useful information about the most used and important acronyms and terms. Some of these can also be used for other doll types.

Dollfie Dream terms

MDD – Mini Dollfie Dream

PDD – Pretty Dollfie Dream

DDS – Dollfie Dream Sister

DD – Dollfie Dream

DDDY – Dollfie Dream Dynamite

Painting and services

Face-up – Also “FU” for short
Face-up describes the painting job of your Dollfie Dream head. It is practically the “Make-up” of your doll. Including lips, eyebrows, eyelashes etc. You can also do the Face-up yourself with the right tools and materials.

Default Face-up
Painting job from the doll company itself. In most cases your Dollfie Dream will come with the default Face-up. But there are also options to get a clean head.

Can mean the blush from pastell or also airbrush colors in the face, but mostly used to describe the body or other parts blushing (also used for armor, weapons, wings, …). So simply the “coloring” of the Parts.

Custom Dollfie Dream DDH07 Head

Individualize your doll

A doll which has parts from different doll companies is called a hybrid. Most common: combine a head with a different body. Also hands or fantasy parts are possible.

Modification of your Dollfie Dream. For example sanding some facial features to make it look different. Making a nose smaller, or adding a big smile. Also scars, tunnel piercings and so on. All in all nearly everything is possible to make your doll look like your imagination and add features you need for it.

Using hot glue on the places where the joints touch the material of the ankles of your doll. It is used to strengthen the posing of your doll. Sometimes the material is too flat and the pose won’t stay in place. For example the arm will always “fall down” instead of keeping it in the air. The hot glue can be removed easily when it has dried.

Damage and changes on your doll

Yellowing describes the procress of the vinyl in time under UV light (Sun, flash light, even on cloudy days the UV can be strong). It will occur over time and might change the skin tone of your doll, depending on which color it had and how strong it will get in touch with UV light. As an example, something similar can be seen with paper. You know like a white paper which will yellow over time too.

Can occur on your Dollfie Dream because of dark fabric and more. You can find my tutorial about Dollfie Dream Stain here.

More often used for BJD

Putting wire in the area of your dolls joints where the elastic string is also been put. Mostly thicker wire, but depending on how big the holes of your dolls resin parts are.The wire and the string will need to pass there. Practically like the Sueding you want your doll to hold the pose. This method is effective but also needs more time and effort.

Stringing (re-stringing)
When you replace the elastic from your doll which holds the resin parts together.

An illegal copy of an original BJD. Often poor in quality and appearance.

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