Volks Dollfie Dream lottery

How to take part in Volks Lottery

The limited collaboration dolls from Volks are often only available through a Dollfie Dream lottery (also ther items, Bjd and stuff can be won during such an event). This does not count for all their releases though. But today I want to show you how easy it is to take part in.

Attention: This manual is only for the Volks Japan store! (US or Friend Shops are not included!)

Is the doll for free?

At first you might think that you actually win the doll for free, as that’s what a lottery usually does right? But not in this one! So if you actually won an item you still have to pay for it. As stated before, the prices are already announced. What you do win is the chance to buy this limited doll!

Schedules & dates

Volks does always announce the information and dolls prior to the release date. I also post about these in my [News] posts! So you will be able to plan and prepare if you want to participate in the events. So way ahead you will know if a doll is a regular pre-order or if you have to “win” it in the lottery. Volks also post the exact schedules about the coming up dolls.

An exact schedule will be released by Volks. Showing all the important dates.

The date for the lottery will also be announced prior to the event. So you have enough time to prepare everything.

© Copyright picture – VOLKS INC.
© Copyright picture – VOLKS INC.

What do you need?

Volks account
Very obvious, but yes you do need a Volks account to participate in the events.

GL membership
To take part in the lottery you need the GL membership in the Volks webshop. It costs about 5€ (for a year) and can be ordered in the store like any other item. Just put it in your cart and buy it as usual. Volks will upgrade your account in the following days. You can check this information in your account.

Sadly you cannot use PayPal to pay for your order at an event (this does work out for normal orders however). You can only pay with a credit card or through union pay. So you should plan everything ahead of the events. Keep also in mind to get enough money for the shipping. You maybe even have to pay custom fees, once the item arrives in your country.

Keep in mind that Volks might, no matter if you win or lose, reserve or even get your money directly after ordering. So they have a security – if you lose however you will get your money back.

Terms & conditions
Naturally, like with any other order from Volks you have to accept their terms & condition when you order from their shop.

(informations from 08.2020)

Limited Dollfie Dream are often available through the Volks Lottery.

Take part in the Dollfie Dream lottery

It is sooo easy! If you announced order period has arrived and if you fulfil all the conditions above, we can start to take part in the Volks Dollfie Dream Lottery.

The exact day or time does not play any role. It won’t be a factor if you win or not! Just take part in the announced time period. But Volks does keep their right to cancel your order, If you take part in with different accounts or ordering the same item multiple times.

  1. Put the limited item you want into your cart. Caution: If you want to order any other items (limited ot not) you have to make a separate order. You can only buy one limited item at a time.
  2. Now „buy“ the doll (or other item). Just complete your order like it is any other normal one.
  3. You will then get an E-Mail from Volks about your participation.
  4. Now we have to wait for the results! They will be announced at the drawing date. This information will be also given to you all prior the event. The result will come again with an E-Mail.
Volks doll lottery


Congratulation! Volks will (If they did not until now) now charge your money. The item you have ordered will be now send out at the announced shipping date.


Don’t be sad, maybe next time! Volks will send you your money back (if they charged it already). This might take some days.

Maybe you do have some luck to get your desired doll through second hand?! More tip and advise will follow on the next post. Follow my blog to be up to date!

Limited Dollfie Dream Lottery

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