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My Characters & Ideas

]Mythology is somewhat of a passion of mine. At least I am very interested in these kind of topics such as myth and yes cryptic too! :) Usually I am a “full-time fantasy loving” person. But I discovered my interest in Sci-Fi or Cyberpunk too. Well, at least when it comes to an android kind of theme. I am very intrigued by this topic and surely found a tiny passion within it.

I have never actually put down so much information / storyline for my characters. As I am extremely shy in this regard and rather keep it to myself. In the past I created some profiles for my dolls and first ideas on what they are or how they feel, that was about it.

So this is a premiere where I really want to talk about the setting and the idea. However, there are still things in progress and not finished yet but I hope you will enjoy this new little world I created. The story stills need a suiting title however! Have fun!

The idea & inspiration

So the main idea behind this project is a combined world of machines (obviously androids) and mythical creatures. My dear boyfriend showed me the series “Claymore” which I really love and my story has definitely some vibes from it too.

My characters are very slightly inspired (obviously the names) by the Greek mythology and their gods. However, they do share similarities and main points but I am not rebuilding the story itself. I want is to be more independent put my own spin into it.


The setting plays in medieval themed world. The glorious times of the high elves are over, they were once worshipped as gods themselves. Due to their long lives, incredible intelligence and their talent with magic they ruled the lands in peace and prosperity.

Over the decades the high elves disappeared without a trace and leaving the world behind. Riots, war and chaos roaming the lands. Nowadays magic is only a privilege to some people and creatures.

Why they disappeared is a mystery. But they left seven mechanical beings behind – also called the seven. Ancient guardians build with a technology older than mankind can imagine.

Artemis and Kronos are both artifical androids.

Build to look like their maker. Long ears, elegant and slim body shapes. These seven represent the seven virtues and were made to protect the world and its life forms as they are. Hunted, enslaved and scattered all around the world the mechanical beings were also forgotten with time.

These androids are cryptic. Rare, fathomless and almost a myth themselves. Until one day where paranormal readings appear and the heart of the crimson knight begins to beat once again.


Character Details

Kronos is the main character and based on the greek Olympian god and leader of the titans: Kronos himself. In the mythology it is actual a male appearance, but I really love the idea and name behind him, so that I wanted to create a “female Kronos”. Her strengths lie in her versatility, compatibly and leadership.

She was the last “finished” Android, so she is the youngest. This however also comes with a price as she is very tempered and harder to “control”.

A sudden piercing pain in my chest made me cry out. My view was blurred it was hard to breathe. It took me a moment … “Where am I?” My whispered words thundered through the big hall. Only when I moved I noticed that I was in fact captured. Not by a hand of a creature or human – in shock I realized it was nature which slowly reclaimed its territory and held me down.

I jumped up with all power left in me. Ripping out the ivy prison which was taking over me. How long have I been here? The piercing pain came over me again. I coughed and I immediately broke down to my knees again. A black fluid was dripping down my hand and then I saw the big wound in my chest. Ripped open sparks almost danced out of the mix between cables, metal and mesh.

I sat there, staring and trying to understand. “What am I?” My echo gave me no answer to this question… I closed my eyes and lost consciousness. When I opened my eyes the moonlight fell through the ruin onto me. I was not dead yet, I was questioning myself If I was even able to die.

Then burning urge of survival took over, the heat was all over my body. Again I stood up, determined to find answers. As I stumbled out of the hallway I took one look back to the ruins who should have been my cold grave. Where my story was supposed to end, instead it was the starting point of my journey.

Kronos is an Android.


Character Details

Her name comes from the greek goddess of the hunt. That’s where I also got the idea for giving her a bow and arrow. She has bite more innocent and divine appearance compared to Kronos. She can calculate and analyse data extremely fast partly also due to her big capacity of knowledge and excellent ability to retrieve data.

Light steps approached, like a soft rhythm. One step after another until they came to a hold. In shackles I was forced to kneel. The tight grip on my head loosened up and I was allowed to look upon her.

A long white silk dress flowed slightly in the wind and around her legs. She looked like a deity, no – she was set up to look like one. Pure, innocent and almost sad. Our eyes met and then she smiled. Her facade made me sick.

Hot boiling rage – or at least my circuits and heat simulation which created artificial anger – made me want to rip off her skin and reveal the cold metal plates she was forged off, just as I was. Destroying this staged scene in its entirety.

But these people needed her and she did need them. She played this role for a while now, only the creators know why. I almost felt bad for her and questioning my decision. Could I be wrong about her?

Artemis looks so fragile but should not be underestimated.


Character Details

Rheia’s name comes from the greek goddess Rhea and the “mother of gods and humans. Rhea (also Saturn V) is also the second biggest moon of saturn and a so called “icemoon”.

She turned around and I knew she was the person everyone talked about. Yet she was so beautiful that she took my breath away. Her ebony skin sparkled in the sunlight. Her honest eyes when right through me.

Then I remembered why I looked for her. Every cell in my artificial body burned…

Different endings ?

I had this idea for different ending for my story – such as in different video games.

A story with Kronos as “the playable” character.

If I ever decide to write down the story It will definitely be a “short version” as it would be an enormous project to plan out every route in detail. xD (And I am not a good storyteller at all I guess.)

I really hope you liked this first impression of their story!

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