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You do like dolls? Perfect – I have some great news to share with you! Recently I prepared many things, ideas and creative stuff. So stay tuned and read below!

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I create a lot of free content and entertainment too. Like tutorials, videos, news and more. If you like my work and want to help out:

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    Sharing in social media like Facebook, Instagram & Co. will help me to find fellow doll enthusiasts and maybe even customers
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    I am certainly happy to see if people like my work too (yes, most important is that I am having a great time. And you can bet I do). But it is always a big motivation boost to get nice comments and get in contact with other people.

Especially when there is sometimes a low point – like nothing works out. It can be a real booster to keep on going.

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I appreciate all support, like, shares, comments and more.

The doll hobby has grown on me over the years. It became something more than a hobby and definitely a passion which I work for. I took some bold steps and try to be self-confident, showing the world my art, dolls and creativity.

Thank you for coming by! I know we live in a fast-lived world and it is not always easy to keep in pace with everything. So I appreciate your time you like to spend with my work, blog and more!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email or through DM! Suggestions, help and tips are greatly appreciated!

A big thank you to my love and family – for all the support, help I get from you!

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