Mini Dollfie Dream “Mochi” Legs

New model and size

Volks did make a new announcement of some new options for their Mini Dollfie Dream line – the Mochi legs.

In the celebrating the new “Dolls Party43 On-line 3weeks” (from 6th June until the 12th June) Event, Volks just showed some upcoming news for their cute Mini Dollfie Dream girls.

Some legs have some rounder look. They are a bit more thick and make the legs of the Mini Dollfie Dream look very adorable! They will be released in all three skin colors.

According to Volks former Mini Dollfie Dream outfits should suit these also! As far as theit trailer and first captures show, I think we can also look forward to some new Mini Dollfie Dream molds (as for shown in their announcement trailer aswell).

And I guess the Mochi legs should be a “swapable” part which – so if you have a Mini Dollfie Dream already I am under the assumption that you will be able to change her legs to these new pair. If they decide to sell them seperately.


The Mini Dollfie Dream Mochi Ashi body is now online available and are sold seperately. it costs 32,780 Yen and can be bough in semi-white and flesh skintones. They also created a special site where you can see all compatible items which will suit the mochi-ashi body.[

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