Dollfie Dream Sailor Venus

New Dollfie Dream Release

Volks recently announced the Dollfie Dream Sailor Venus doll release. She will be, like her team mates, a Dollfie Dream Sister. My assumption is that the doll itself will come with her Sailor outfit and Venus Stick. Her Minako Aino outfit will be available aswell. As far as the other releases I guess you have to buy it seperately. But there are not any more information about this, other then some pictures.

Release date?
In their latest blog entry they are mentioning to release them with the Home Town Dolpa Kyoto in 17 event. This was announced earlier this year for August the 30th. However due to the current situation it is unclear if the date might change. The after event is planned for saturday the 12th September.


Dollfie Dream Sailor Venus and Dollfie Dream Kizuna Ai will be available through the Volks Lottery! Application time is from 07th August to 17th August!

Dollfie Dream Sister Kizuna Ai

New Dollfie Dream Release

Dollfie Dream Kizuna Ai is also planned to release on the Home Town Dolpa Kyoto in 17 event. Kizuna Ai is the popular virtual youtuber and makes her debuit as a doll now too! Aswell as the Dollfie Dream Sailor Venus she will be a Dollfie Dream Sister and will come with her cute white default outfit.

The first picture already looks promising and super cute!

I will definetly add more pictures and information later on,once Volks says more about the releases.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Will you get one or even both of the new announced dolls?

I think Kizuna Ai (even though I am not so interested in her real Character) is super tempting. As I do like her Face-up and style a lot! :)