Dollfie Dream 2B

Unboxing & review

So I recently got my Dollfie Dream 2B doll. Which first wave was released by Volks in 2019. Was the price and waiting worth it? That’s something I want to talk about in todays Dollfie Dream 2B review post! :)

First off I am a huge fan of Nier:Automata. Even though I just happened to play it at the beginning of this year. Also did not get in touch with the former Nier games by Yosuke Saito. (So there is plenty more to discover for me).

So the release of 2B as an official Dollfie Dream doll from Volks does mean a lot to me.

As mentioned earlier when I actually played the game the doll pre-order was long over. Something I regret a lot!  Especially when I saw all the great custom pictures.

About the doll

Being lucky enough to get her second hand however. Due to a little imperfection (actually some tiny stain only on her hand!) also for a good price.

The character is released as a Dollfie Dream Dynamite in semi-white skin. Also a plus point is that she came with the new f³ body system for better movement.

I was first asking myself why did they choose a dynamite body for this release? Nothing I would have planned personally, but it does look great on her to be honest and not out of character. It is also nice to have again a DDdy at home again, so that’s a bonus point! :)

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Head & Face-up

Her semi-realistic look is awesome – the head itself is very cool. I am glad to have such a vinyl doll now in my crew. However, something which I was a bit sad about is her Face-up. Already noticed it when I saw the first user pictures / the finished doll – so this is an “issue” I was aware of when getting her beforehand.

The promo pictures Face-up (I guess a prototype doll) was way cooler that the result of the production itself. Especially for the lips. I can understand if they might have had to change a thing or two. But the lips are so different and even a bit sloppy – like on the corner of her mouth.

This was a bummer for sure – non the less I did buy her. I think this speaks for itself. Will I change her Lips or face-up? Although her two colored lips are surely a nice eye catcher. Difficult question, since I am not so experienced with these types of Face-ups (would like to keep her semi-realistic look) she will stay like this for now!


Details of the outfit

WOW – really this outfit is made so well! Definitely one of my favourites out of all my DDs. There went some great additional ideas into the outfit too – Which are suuuper helpful.


2B’s default outfit can send shivers down a Dollfie Dream Owners Spine. And I was a 100% afraid too due to the dark colours. However, Volks did an effort to use some white fabric on the inner side of the dress. It is used for almost all parts.

Great details went into the practical use of the dress too. They did make an effort to minimize zippers, buttons and so on. While also trying to hide these from the watcher’s eyes. As an example the upper part of the outfit has it’s clamps underneath her arm and on the side of her waist instead of “just on the back”.

The “dress” is actually made out of two different parts.

So you can also have her iconic body suit look without using the skirt. The black fabric is actually very soft and high-quality. The feathers are a great detail, but I sadly lost one already. So you better be even more gentle with these.

The embroidery of her skirt I so lovely! They did put some wire in the skirt too, so that you can give it a flowy look while also giving you the chance to match it to the pose you want to do. The white parts from her arms do come separately and are recommended to put on first before getting her top on.

The white body is designed to be attached as panties with some buttons on the site. It can be a bit tricky to put on first but works perfectly fine and underlines her silhouette with this awesome high waist.

Body suit

I loved that they actually did include a protective body suit in this set. It is modified so that it will look great on the back without the zipper in the way and also a whole for her cut-out.

Another thing I really like is that it does cover up her joints (like on the upper leg) almost completely. This makes her more realistic and helps to create this awesome and flawless look of her just like in the games.

Shoes and stockings

I did not trust these. Seriously these were the parts I was mostly worried about. As they did NOT have white protecting fabric. But everything went great and surely the body stocking did help too.The boots are super awesome and look great on her! I would definitely recommend to put these off at any time you are not doing anything with her. Better to be safe than sorry, right? In general, I did take all her clothes off after taking the videos and pictures – just to be sure.



She comes with the default semi-white hands. Also with two additional special hand parts designed to look like her gloves. One pair designed to hold the sword, the other one more open and neutral.


She comes only with her small word Virtuous Contract. I would have loved it they included Virtuous Treaty too! But it is very well made anyways. You can take of one part of the swords end to attach it better into her hands. However, I had some trouble to do so none the less. You should take your time when attaching it and be careful.


He… is huge! Haha :) Well he is matched to the doll size and looks awesome! He is actually super poseable. More than you might think at first glance! The details and painting is great. He comes with an own stand. It is so heavy and sturdy (better than most of my doll stands actually, haha) – he is very secure on top of it! If I have the chance to get a stand like this for my dolls, I will do that!

All in all

The Dollfie Dream 2B release is super amazing – I do adore her so much. Sure there went a lot of work into this doll and that shows. Even though she was more expensive for me (as I got her second hand) she was worth every cent!

The details Volks include with their collaboration dolls always left me in awe. But this one is surely one of my absolute favourites.

I would be thrilled to see more semi-realistic anime dolls from Volks also in the future.

Which character release by Volks would you like to see in the future?

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