Dollfie Dream Sister Fumika Sagisawa

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Volks announced their new (and probably one of the last releases in this year) – Dollfie Dream Fumika Sagisawa. The popular character from the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls series will join the collaboration dolls from Volks.

Read until the end to see who make an appearance as a re-release aswell!

How to get her?

Oversea customers have the chance to get her from the 20th December 2021 until the 10th January 2022 via the Volks online store.

She is planned to be shipped out in March 22.

Please keep in mind that she is limited to a specific amount in the online Store. Once sold out, she is gone. If you really want to get her – I recommend to order her as fast as you can. She is a beloved character and might be gone within days.

I don’t want to stress you out but I know the Dollfie Dream Emilia V2 was sold out within a few hours. So make sure to consider this. However maybe they have a bigger amount available.

In Japan
People in japan can get her at the Dolpa 46 or in a Volks Store! Sadly, only the customers at the Dolpa can get her with a 100% guarantee. Everyone else need to hurry and hope for the best. (Please remember that the time in Japan will be important to the release)

Scope of delivery

She has a Semi-White DDS Base Body (DD-f³) and comes with a L chest.

You get the full Dollfie Dream Fumika with her sweet magical idol outfit (Bright memories).

Price: 74.800 Yen (+Shipping & customs)

  • Wig & headgear
  • Outfit: collar, blouse, corset, arm cover, gloves (for normal), gloves (for thin hands), skirt, pannier, leg cover, socks, shorts, Shoes, microphone, arm decoration, legs Decoration, Hands (Large Ver.)-H-08B-SW (thin handle / big hand)

You can get also an additional casual outfit for her. – 9.900 Yen (+Shipping & customs)

Official Page and more information about Fumika

Two Servants make their appearance again!

The Fate-Fans can be happy about the re-release of Dollfie Dream Saber & Dollfie Dream Ruler.

As Fumika they are available in the online Shop from Volks. They will be available on the 8th January 2022 via shopping cart sale – so first come – first served.

Also available at the dolpa 46 too!

They come with their full Armor sets and will cost 119.000 Yen (+Shipping & customs) each.

More Details about the Fate Dollfie Dream dolls.

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