Dollfie Dream Lina Inverse

Unboxing & review

I would never have expected it, but she moved in with me! Dollfie Dream Lina Inverse. As a small Christmas gift to myself, I got the cute magician “second-hand” – a small dream comes true!

I was relatively disappointed at release; the communication was rather meager. I myself did not know where I would get the little one at first go. Until I gave her up for the time being. Now I do not want to withhold you and would like to share first pictures and impressions!

Details to fall in love with!

I think it’s no secret when I say that I love Volks outfits! The price-performance ratio for “normal” outfits is already super. But with each new doll I’m again fascinated by Volks work!

This was no exception! All details such as gems, fabrics and armor was simply beautifully implemented (and completely according to the character!).


The fabric of her clothes is velvety soft, which you and feel and see! It fits super to the character and can be put on without problems (and despite “Body Protection Suit”).

Most of the outfit has white fabric on the inside.Which helps against staining her.

Nevertheless, I used a body suit for protection. Just to be on the safe side.

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The bandana is the one the few garments (as well as the cape) that I didn’t trust 100%. This one also has a white fabric inside to prevent stains. However, I took it off again right after the pictures, not that yet a small edge discolors the head.


With simple means Volks created thejewelry and used appropriate materials.

I didn’t dare to pierce her ear holes. Even though her earrings are an iconic part of the look.


I have peeked at the instructions on several outfits. Here, I definitely had to read the instructions. Albeit in Japanese – the pictures helped a lot.

The hardest part was the shoulder armor. First you have to get a feeling for how to move and turn it. I was veryafraidto break something off.


I personally like it. I think if you want to find something to complain about then the face and the painting would probably be the biggest area where the opinions split.

Nevertheless, I think that her face was cute and well implemented!

Could her character have been implemented even better? If so, then the head would have been the most air to the top.


Extremely happy with my Dollfie Dream Lina Inverse! Hardly believe that she now stands with my other dolls in the showcase – a very special doll.

I can recommend to everyone 100%. If you also want to have you I cross my fingers that you can also move in with you.

Thanks for stopping by!

If you want to see more details and official pictures you can have a look at the news post.

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