Unboxing and preview of the Lina Inverse Dollfie Dream.

Dollfie Dream Lina Inverse Unboxing

Dollfie Dream Lina Inverse Unboxing I would never have expected it, but she moved in with me! Dollfie Dream Lina Inverse. As a small Christmas gift to myself, I got the cute magician “second-hand” – a small dream comes true! I was relatively disappointed at release; the communication was rather meager. I myself did not…

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Emilia Re:Zero Boxopening

Dollfie Dream Emilia Boxopening

Dollfie Dream Emilia Boxopening I still can’t believe that I have this grail doll with me. Dollfie Dream Emilia was on my wishlist for a very long time now. I alwys adored her Face-up so much. Even though I have to admit that I don’t know the original Series or her character she is based…

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Unboxing Anifee Chocola

Chocola Anifee Review & Boxopening

Anifee Chocola Boxopening The sweet little Anifee Chocola arrived finally. First I was not sure If I will keep her. Especially because we have some plans for our move. So I planned on selling her right aways once she would arrive. As I was not able to cancel the pre-order. But as life is sometimes,…

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Dollfie Dream Sister Kizuna Ai

Dollfie Dream Kizuna Ai Boxopening

Dollfie Dream Kizuna Ai Boxopening So today I want to share my first impressions and pictures of my Dollfie Dream Sister Kizuna Ai Boxopening. The lottery to get her took place in August. I was lucky enough to get a Dollfie Dream Sister Kizuna Ai! Estimated shipping date of Volks was announced to be at…

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Unboxing Smart Doll Challenge

Smart Doll Challenge Boxopening

Smart Doll Challenge Boxopening Today I want to share a boxopening of my precious Smart Doll Challenge. I ordered her kind of spontaneous. As I previously hat other “doll plans” in mind. Well at least I had anoher Smart Doll in mind. My next Smart Doll would have been the gorgeous Liberty otherwise. But she…

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Find out more about the Dollfie Dream 2B (Nier:Automata) doll release by Volks in my review.

[Review] Dollfie Dream 2B

Dollfie Dream 2B Review First information’s So I recently got my Dollfie Dream 2B doll. Which first wave was released by Volks in 2019. Was the price and waiting worth it? That’s something I want to talk about in todays Dollfie Dream 2B review post! :) First off I am a huge fan of Nier:Automata.…

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