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How to buy Dollfie Dream?

Volks Website Store Buying directly at Volks Example of a schedule from Volks – This is how the schedules for pre-orders or the lottery can look like Lottery Getting your …

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The cute Anya Forger will be available as a pre-order in Volks Shop. – Copyright pictures VOLKS INC.

Dollfie Dream Anya

Little Anya is really taking off! Big eyes and a cute new body! With the new doll of Anya Volks has also announced another greatness: Chimikko Dollfie Dream Anya Forger …

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Dollfie Dream Ciel

Another character from “Tsukihime” will be released as a doll! Dollfie Dream Ciel was recently announced and will soon be available for purchase.

Dollfie Dream Shin Sato from Idolmaster Picture Copyright by VOLKS INC.

Dollfie Dream Shin Sato

From the popular Series: Idolmaster Cinderella Girls! Dollfie Dream Shin Sato was announced as a new release in 2023!