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[News] Dollfie Dream Sailor Jupiter

Dollfie Dream Sailor Jupiter Dollfie Dream Sailor Jupiter joins the other previous Sailor Moon Girls! Sailor Moon, Mars and Mercury were released as Dollfie Dream Sister before. Now it is time for Makoto Kino to shine and conquer our hearts. She will be available from 6thuntil 12thJune 2020 during the Dolpa 43 online weeks event.…

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Unboxing Smart Doll Athena

[Unboxing] Smart Doll Athena

Unboxing Smart Doll Athena Today’s topic is a new doll in my collection! Few days ago I was unboxing Smart Doll Athena. To be exactly it is not my first Smart Doll, as I owned one years ago, who I sold later on. But now I am even more excited and happy with my Athena!…

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Ophelia – merchant of the hearts

Ophelia – Dollfie Dream Rise Kujikawa Today I have some news about Ophelia, my Dollfie Dream Rise Kujikawa. After the last exhausting weeks I had finally some energy and time to take care of her. As she was „left alone“ for a while after her arrival. In the end her wig, eyes and outfit were…

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[unboxing] Dollfie Dream Asuna Titania

Unboxing Dollfie Dream Asuna Titania Introducing my unboxing Dollfie Dream Asuna. There is much going on lately, and I had a difficult time to catch up with everything. Please apologize! Even in my free time I often decided to spend my time rather relaxing and with video games, than being productive. Hopefully this will chance…

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Dangerous Despina – DDH09 custom

Despina – DDH09 custom Introducing my DDH09 custom doll! Hello Everyone, today I have some news about my doll crew for you! Like I said in one of my former postings, Kaori was kind of finished. Well at least I got a head and idea. My Dollfie Dream Sister Akira however had to wait a…

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