[unboxing] – Dollfie Dream Rin Tohsaka V.2

Oh my she is now quite a while with me to be honest – it has to be like 3 months already! :) But I am still happy she is with me and now I proudly present you my latest doll from my crew: Dollfie Dream Rin Tohsaka!

5 beginner tipps – doll photography

Hello everyone! Today I have 5 simple doll photography tipps! To all who don’t know this blog: it is about Dollfie Dream and so I want to concentrate on doll photography in particular. Of course you can use these advices also in the general photography. Or with other dolls besides …

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How to change Dollfie Dream eyes

Today’s tutorial is about how to change Dollfie Dream eyes. Sometimes you want to give your doll a new look and I want to help you with this first step. Removing eyes can be tricky, especially from older Dollfie Dream models.

Ophelia – merchant of the hearts


Dollfie Dream Rise Kujikawa

Today I have some news about Ophelia, my Dollfie Dream Rise Kujikawa. After the last exhausting weeks I had finally some energy and time to take care of her. As she was „left alone“ for a while after her arrival. In the end her wig, eyes and outfit were missing anyways. But here we are now!

The new look

I knew right away that I would not keep her original character. And due the „spontaneous“ arrival I did not have any wigs around which I really liked on her. So I had to take a look around and „go shopping“.

This sailor dress from Luts BJD is fantastic and has adorable little details. Even though it is a bit loose on the waist. But thanks to a clothespin I was able to make it better for photos.


Her character (my OC) is actually not finished. But I have this idea of her as a traveling merchant. Cheerful, sweet & charming but also persistent. Let’s see were the journey will take us from here. I often find out more about my characters when drawing them. So I have to draw some profile picture of her someday too, and create her doll profile site with more finalized informations about my characters. Sometimes the characters “do what they want”.

That is planned

There are still some things on my to do list. And Ophelia has already a brand new look! Next to new awaiting characters, changes and „old faces“ waiting for some new clothing. As my DD Rin makes some great improvements about my ideas about her! Or some new face-up works I did lately. Oh you bet the long weekend was super good for me! :)

Thanks for coming by and have a great & creative weekend!

[DIY] Selfmade cat tail & ears

Todays tutorial is about making your own cute cat ears and tail! I worked on some Accessories for Seiko the last days, so I want to share you some Inspiration and help. It is super easy and fun – the best? You don’t need any expensive equipment or sewing machine. …

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[unboxing] Dollfie Dream Rise Kujikawa

Dollfie Dream Rise Kujikawa

Unboxing & review

The year is only one month old and here we go with a brand new boxopening, haha. Unboxing Dollfie Dream Rise Kujikawa! So I could not resist this opportunity. Even though she was kind of a “silent waiter” at my wishlist. So maybe the next months might be slower with new dolls? Oh well who can say! :) Anyways there will be some little changes in my doll group, some you already know! But that’s for another time.

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[Shops] Where to buy Dollfie Dream wigs

In connection with my last post for Dollfie Dream clothing I want to introduce you where to buy Dollfie Dream wigs. The cool thing is that most of the Dollfie Dream dolls share the same wig size: 8-9”. So they can be shared. In rare cases I even buy 9-10” …

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Dangerous Despina – DDH09 custom


DDH09 custom

Introducing my DDH09 custom doll! Hello Everyone, today I have some news about my doll crew for you! Like I said in one of my former postings, Kaori was kind of finished. Well at least I got a head and idea.

My Dollfie Dream Sister Akira however had to wait a bit more. You know at least I had this rough concept of her as a sexy demon. After some while and thinking, the result was clear: The Akira head just did not suit this character at all. At least not with it’s current Face-up.

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