How to take part in the Volks Dollfie Lottery

How to take part in the Volks Dollfie Dream lottery

The limited collaboration dolls from Volks are often only available through a Dollfie Dream lottery (also ther items, Bjd and stuff can be won during such an event). This does not count for all their releases though. But today I want to show you how easy it is to take …

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Find out more about one of my doll story lines.

Kronos Storyline

]Mythology is somewhat of a passion of mine. At least I am very interested in these kind of topics such as myth and yes cryptic too! :) Usually I am a “full-time fantasy loving” person. But I discovered my interest in Sci-Fi or Cyberpunk too. Well, at least when it …

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You do like dolls? Perfect – I have some great news to share with you! Recently I prepared many things, ideas and creative stuff. So stay tuned and read below!

Find out more about the Dollfie Dream 2B (Nier:Automata) doll release by Volks in my review.

[Review] Dollfie Dream 2B

So I recently got my Dollfie Dream 2B doll. Which first wave was released by Volks in 2019. Was the price and waiting worth it? That’s something I want to talk about in todays Dollfie Dream 2B review post! :)

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Mini Dollfie Dream Mochi Legs

Volks did make a new announcement of some new options for their Mini Dollfie Dream line – the Mochi legs. In the celebrating the new “Dolls Party43 On-line 3weeks” (from 6th June until the 12th June) Event, Volks just showed some upcoming news for their cute Mini Dollfie Dream girls.

What are the differences between those two anime dolls? Find out more in my blog entry.

Dollfie Dream VS Smart Doll

Todays I want to talk about my experiences, impressions and thoughts. So Dollfie Dream vs Smart Doll! You cannot decide or want to know their differences – then you are at the right place! :) First off I want to mention that I won’t take sides and keeping it neutral …

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