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Mini Dollfie Dream Mochi Legs

Mini Dollfie Dream “Mochi” Legs Volks did make a new announcement of some new options for their Mini Dollfie Dream line – the Mochi legs. In the celebrating the new “Dolls Party43 On-line 3weeks” (from 6th June until the 12th June) Event, Volks just showed some upcoming news for their cute Mini Dollfie Dream girls.…

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What are the differences between those two anime dolls? Find out more in my blog entry.

Dollfie Dream VS Smart Doll

Dollfie Dream VS Smart Doll Todays I want to talk about my experiences, impressions and thoughts. So Dollfie Dream vs Smart Doll! You cannot decide or want to know their differences – then you are at the right place! :) First off I want to mention that I won’t take sides and keeping it neutral…

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[News] Dollfie Dream Sailor Jupiter

Dollfie Dream Sailor Jupiter Dollfie Dream Sailor Jupiter joins the other previous Sailor Moon Girls! Sailor Moon, Mars and Mercury were released as Dollfie Dream Sister before. Now it is time for Makoto Kino to shine and conquer our hearts. She will be available from 6thuntil 12thJune 2020 during the Dolpa 43 online weeks event.…

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10th Anniversary

10 years’ anniversary Not exactly to this day, but this year is actually my 10th year in the doll hobby! :) Yay! It’s been a long while. Sometimes you just “grow out” of something – like maybe a hobby or an interest. But dolls and photography became a big part and passion of my life…

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