Dollfie Dream Fitter Tutorial

Dollfie Dream Fitter

Dollfie Dream Fitter A great tool you probably don’t know! This is something I stumbled upon the last days. And I wondered why I did not see if before or really acknowledged it? No matter if maybe Volks did mention or show it with a great feature: I want to introduce you the Dollfie Dream…

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Sometimes it is not that easy to stay motivated all the time. Here are some words for you.

Motivation & positive thoughts

Motivation & positive thoughts It’s not always easy to stay positive all the time. That’s why I want to share some positive thoughts and kindness with you. Especially in this fast living media world we should sometimes take a deep breath and moment to remember things which we might take for granted. Please note that…

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Dollfie Dream dictionary

Terms and definitions – a Dollfie Dream dictionary There are some terms or words in the hobby which might be confusing, especially for beginners. I want to share some useful information about the most used and important acronyms and terms. Some of these can also be used for other doll types. Dollfie Dream terms MDD…

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[News] Mini Dollfie Dream Arle Re-release

Dollfie Dream Arle V2 Re-release During last weekends “Puyo Quest Official Live Stream” was a special announcement! The popular Mini Dollfie Dream Arle will be re-release as a V2 Version. She will be release during the Doll Party 42 on 14th December (saturday). She was chosen due to many votes in the “Dollfie 20th Anniversary…

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